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TEK Stump by Stump Systems: Concrete House Stumps

Tek Stump’s by Stump Systems are 75x75mm or 85x85mm concrete stumps with the strength and accreditation for domestic and commercial stumping and reblocking. Tek stump has been able to reduce the width, and weight of the stump by using higher grade concrete and a revolutionary core reinforcement that allows the stump to be 25% smaller and lighter, yet strong enough to meet Victorian building regulations, making the TEK stump an easier to work with, more affordable and more environmentally friendly alternative.
Tek Stumps are Perfect for those DIY jobs and owner builders too, both Hoop Iron and Threaded stumps are easy to install and make Building a Decking a breeze. Stumps are supplied and sold from our stump manufacturing yard in Mt Evelyn, Wholesale direct to Public Mon-Friday. Call or Visit us to work out what size stump you need, our staff have some fantastic advice and know heaps of info about your sub-floor requirments. For your next DIY Job, be it a Decking, verandah, pergola or re-stump, be sure to Call or Visit us...

Do your building specifications stipulate 100x100mm concrete stumps?
Tek stumps are 15-25% lighter, easier to work with, cheaper and recommended to be used in lieu of 100x100 stumps...find out more...!

Tek stump differentiates itself by offering a stump that is smaller and easier to use. The Tek Stump can be easily fastened to the bearer from both sides through the hoop iron clip using simple chipboard screws. The weight of the Tek Stump makes fastening these stumps noticeably easier especially on those hard to navigate jobs with little clearance.
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  Building Code of Australia, 2007
  In 2007, The Building code of Australia accreditation system for building products; construction methods; or designs, components or systems connected with building work in Victoria accredited, “Tek stump to allow use of 75 x 75 and 85 x 85 concrete stumps in lieu of 100 x 100 stumps (approved)”
  The Building Regulations Advisory
Committee appointed under Division 4 of Part 12 of the Building Act 1993 after examination of an application for “Tek Stump 75 mm square and 85 mm square Concrete Stumps”, has determined that the system complies with the requirements of:
Clauses P2.1 of Volume Two of the Building Code of Australia, as adopted by the Building Regulations 2006.